"Empty Concertgebouw" session   For the Tulip Festival Ottawa May 2020 we produced together with Polyhymnia at the Empty Concertgebouw sessions 17-4-2020 two short videos:

Bewitched, bothered and bewilderd arranged  by Wijnand van Klaveren

Bewitched,bothered and bewilderd  by R.Rodgers/G.Morley

F.Kreisler String Quartet 1st movement

Live recording 30/1/16 Ede/NL




Otoño Porteño A.Piazzolla/E.Zemtsov


Utrecht String Quartet, arrangements of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck


Avrotros NPO's live broadcast (13/2/15) of the Utrecht String Quartet, performing the second movement of String Quartet op 2 composed by A.Grechaninov





L.v.Beethoven String Quartet op.59/2 1st movement

Live recording 30/1/16 Ede/NL


Las cuatro estaciones A.Piazzolla/E.Zemtsov