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DVD Sweelinck

J.P.Sweelinck Arrangements for String Quartet

Chromatic Fantasy     arr. by B.v. Sigtenhorst Meyer

Mein junges Leben hat (k)ein End   arr. by Chiel Meijering

Phrygian Fantasy    arr. by Samuel Vriezen


His reputation streched across borders: J.P. Sweelinck, the Orpeus of Amsterdam,
was a master of polyphony. His speciality to this transparency.
USQ pays tribute to this extraordinary Dutch composer. Threee contemporary composers
have each arranged a Sweelinck composition for string quartet. Daniel Brüggen has made
three special music videos to accompany these pieces. In Addition, a few short interludes
bring the greatness of Sweelinck to life, and the DVD as a whole provides a wonderful
introduction to the diversity of the USQ.

"Wundervolle Kamerafahrten durch die Oude Kerk, über die Dächer von Amsterdam, all das lässt die Musik wieder in einem
anderen Zusammenhang erscheinen.
Wir erfahren Sweelinck's Musik in grandioser kammermusikalischer Interpretation."

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