String Quartet op 6 no 1 in D minor -Finale


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Johannes Verhulst String Quartets op.6

String Quartet op 6 no 1 in D minor

String Quartet op 6 no 2 in A flat major


MDG 603 1840-2

The Utrecht Quartet plays at the highest level of technical mastery and musical excellence. Based on their assured, impeccable performances here, I’d expect their Beethoven, Schumann, or anything else from the standard literature to be played on the level of the best of the world’s quartets. MDG, as usual, provides vital, flattering, perfectly gauged recorded sound.

Fanfare magazin 1/2015


"The Utrecht is very successful at following the quartets’ lyrical digressions. Their lissom and texturally aerated sound is soft-grained and attuned to the aesthetic, and is complemented by an airy acoustic. If listened to sympathetically it’s clear that Verhulst’s quartets are certainly more than mere appendices to the romantic chamber music of the time.




USQ gives us exemplary performances of this unjustly neglected music by Verhulst



Mélodies séduisantes, parfois suaves, dialogue efficace entre les instruments, rythmique entraînante (même dans les mouvements lents), voilà les caractéristiques de l’œuvre de Verhulst, parfaitement interprétée ici et mise sur disque sans aucun artifice par la firme MDG. Reste à enregistrer le Quatuor n°3. A découvrir !

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