van Bree String Quartet no.2 - Allegro non troppo


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Credit cardiDEAL

Johannes Bernadus van Bree (1801-1857)

String Quartets no. 1 A minor

String Quartet no.2 E flat major

MDG 603 2302 - 2

Dutch early Romantic composer Johannes Bernardus van Bree's elegant melodies and carefully dosed counterpoint technique give his string quartets a simple yet charming originality. In the words of a contemporary, his works are characterised "by simplicity and naturalness... by polish, clarity and freshness, a certain popularity, without triviality".

The Utrecht String Quartet has been active for three decades and often performs forgotten works. You quickly realize that they have discovered something in van Bree’s quartets that they perform with interest and dedication. In doing so, they create a successful mixture of analytical penetration and highly expressive interpretations that do not burden the music with more than is good for it. Well-arranged in their interplay, they nevertheless maintain the inner tension and energy to interpret the compositions presented in a convincing manner.


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