A.Glazunov String Quartet nr.3 Finale


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Credit cardiDEAL

A.Glazunov Complete String Quartets Vol.1


String Quartet nr.3 op.26 G major "Quatuor slave"
String Quartet nr.5 op.70 D minor

MDG  603 1236-2


USQ winner of the Supersonic Award 2004
The USQ has been awarded the Supersonic Award 2004, the award has been given by
a jury in Luxemburg to MDG and the USQ for the "outstanding recording" of Glazunov string quartets

The BBC Music Magazine has awarded the recording of Glazunov String Quartets Vol.1 with 5 stars and selected it as "oustanding"
BBC Music Magazine

The splendid Dutch ensemble performs with a comprehensive grasp… ….
unfaillingly beautiful tone, effortless ensemble. 

Selected Glasunov Vol.1 as one of the outstanding recordings in 2004
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